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El Salvador is a country located in Central America with a population estimated at about 6,328,196 inhabitants in 2014.

It has a warm, tropical climate, beautiful flora and fauna, archeological centers, volcanoes, and gorgeous beaches. Its boundary to the east and north is Honduras, to the south is the Pacific Ocean, and to the west is Guatemala.

Its territory is organized into 14 departments and 262 municipalities. Its capital is the city of San Salvador, and the cities of Santa Ana and San Miguel are a few of the country’s other important urban centers.

El Salvador has suffered a brutal legacy left by a civil war the ended in the 90’s, which left poverty, violence, gangs, human trafficking, familiar disintegration, and massive emigrations in its wake.

In spite of the fact that a peace treaty exists, peace still has not been felt for many hears.

Our longing is to see El Salvador restored and Jesus being made known as the only way to salvation as well as a response to the physical, moral, spiritual, and emotional needs of every Salvadorian.


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