The King’s Table

For many families in Gerardo Barrios, the typical diet of tortilla and beans, lacks many of the vitamins and nutrients that growing children need to be healthy.  However, many families also face the obstacle of limited finances, often living on as little as $3 a day for a large family.  For this reason, we began The King's Table.  When the feeding program began in 2015 around 50 children arrived once a week.  We now serve around 80 children and elderly, three days a week.

Our vision is to provide a healthy, balanced meal of protein, starch, vegetables and fruit to the children and elderly of Gerardo Barrios.  We believe that they are deserving of the basic necessity of healthy food.  We believe that this ministry supplies a physical need but also a spiritual need, demonstrating to each member that they are seen, loved and valued.

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