“… and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” (Revelation 22:2)

The YWAM Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) will expose you to the Biblical processes of healing and restoration of the spirit and soul. This course is designed to be a time of deep personal growth and give foundational preparation for future ministry with people. Many have testified to life-changing experiences during this school as they met God in deeper ways. The FCM lasts six months and is divided in two phases which are 12 weeks each – lecture phase and field assignment or outreach phase. During the lecture phase, the students will receive classes such as Foundations for Counseling, Abuse, Family, Relationships and Conflict Resolution, Divine Plumbline, and Holy Spirit in Counseling Ministry.

Lecture phase:

1) Impartation of Vision so that the students not only take steps towards wholeness but also have a vision to pass that on to others.

2) Personal Development in godly character, restoration (healing of wounds, identity, emotions, core beliefs), discovery and empowerment in gifting and maturity in relationship skill.

3) Skill Development which includes active listening, empathy and respect, exercising influence through intercession and listening prayer among others.

4) Cognitive Development with a Biblical understanding of the work of the cross and work of the Holy Spirit in redemption, God’s grace in their lives and others, character of God, Christian Counseling, cross-cultural Counseling, repentance and forgiveness and God’s intention for our personalities, the hindrances to those intentions and how to overcome them.

5) Ministry Development Opportunities where the students will have ample opportunity to immediately put into practice what they are learning in the local ministries of YWAM San Salvador. Through this, they will leave with a better understanding of opportunities for ministry and their specific area of focus or gifting.

During the field assignment of the school, the students will add experience to the knowledge gained in the lecture phase. It’s essential to know that we receive healing so that we can be carriers of that same healing and restoration to the nations. Students will have the opportunity to put the skills learned into practice in a cross-cultural setting.

Counseling ministry can look different ways, it may mean teaching a small group or church, having coffee with someone in their home, practical service work, one-on-one times and kids ministry. You will be exposed to different types of ministry and be able to find what suits you best.

Prerequisite: Successfully completed the DTS (Discipleship Training School)
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