Foundations for Counseling Ministries

Would you like to join God and others in bringing restoration, healing and wholeness to the nations? People of all cultures experience the pain and suffering that comes with living in a broken world. Whether the brokenness is in the individual, family, culture or nation, healing is a crucial part of the discipleship process.

YWAM's School of Foundations for Counseling Ministries (FMC) will expose you to the biblical processes of healing and restoration of the spirit and soul. It is designed to be a time of deep personal growth and provide foundational preparation for future ministry with people. Many have testified of life-changing experiences during this school as they have come to know God in deeper ways.

Our goal as the first school of the Faculty of Counseling and Primary Health is to motivate, train and send individuals to establish the glory and character of God by helping to restore and mature people in their relationship with God, man and creation.

An essential part of this goal is to bring redemption and inner healing to individuals, families and communities. The methods to achieve this goal will seek to establish relationships that will bring the gospel to each person, embracing their culture and social areas.

La FMC es reconocida por the University of the Nations.registered as: CNH211 and CNH212.

Provides 20 credits at UofN

What is happening at FMC?

You will begin with three months of teaching, discussions, small group sharing, ministry practice, personal reflection, worship and prayer. You will be able to develop and apply your skills in the context of security. The field assignment, taken the following quarter, will provide enriching cross-cultural opportunities and challenges as you work with your team to facilitate healing, restoration and wholeness.

Inner Healing


Interpersonal Relationships





Freedom Cycle

Law & Grace

Basic Principles of Counseling.

From spiritual leaders with years of experience and put it into practice.
Understand the biblical foundations for ministry.
Partnering with the Holy Spirit in the process of ministry.
Learn specific tools for ministry.
Implement specific tools for ministry.
Acquire biblical foundations for the discipleship process.

FCM Outreaches

Travel the world with a team and collaborate with Jesus to change lives by meeting needs and sharing the gospel.

  • Teach the Bible
  • Seeing God use you to change lives
  • Share the gospel with another culture
  • Teach people how to follow Jesus
  • Serve local believers
  • Face your fears and take risks

… y las hojas del árbol fueron para la curación de las naciones». (Apocalipsis 22:2)