In the early years of our mission's existence, no one talked about short-term involvement in missions, much less about mobilizing young people in mission work. Today, however, short-term mission projects are commonplace in most organizations and churches.
The courses offered by the University of the Nations, YWAM's university (UofN), exist to train workers for the mission field in a wide variety of areas. This applies both to those who have already decided to dedicate themselves full time to the missionary life and to those who simply want to grow further in their relationship with the Lord.

Our School of The University Of The Nations


The purpose of the FCM is to equip them with those tools so they can use them. They may or may not be called "counselors," but they will use the understanding, skills and methods of counseling as they share the gospel and disciple people. "Ministry" - this is the action word. Our desire is that our students will be equipped for ministry, be called to it and actively participate in it, applying what they have learned to extend the Kingdom of God.