Phase 2

Our goal in phase 2 is to help students gain maturity in outwardly expressing their relationship with God and seeing fruit from their ministry, be an expression of being set apart, understand their destiny through small steps of obedience in daily life and grow in relationships as they live a life of submission to the Lordship of Christ.


During the first part of your school there will be an emphasis on knowing and hearing God for yourself, for other people through classes, discipleship, and activities in order to expand your worldview. The heart of this phase is for you to develop a deep relationship with Jesus, and to hear what he has for people around the world.

  • Quiet Time and Intercession
  • Missionary Life
  • Lordship
  • Worldview
  • Consecration
  • Humanism and Animism
  • Purity
  • Current Issues
  • Bible
  • Destiny
  • Power from above
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Servant Leadership

Como en la Fase 1 asímismo tendras tiempos de:

  • Obstacle Course
  • Small Groups
  • One on One
  • Praise
  • Intercession
  • Outreach Prep.

I listen to the voice of God
& I obey his word


During the second part of your school you will have the opportunity to make God known through evangelism, activities where you can learn different perspectives about the world but above all you can finish rooting the truth that you have received in your heart.

Because I love God then I share with each and every one of them

Evangelism will be a tool to reach different groups of people. With the objective of showing the loving God of the Bible

Part of this phase is to get to know different ways of thinking or seeing the world. Through them the students will be guided to be able to meet people from different countries or pray for them.

*The price is about $200.00 USD